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Crystal Kirch

Tustin Unified School District
Digital Learning Coach
Tustin, CA
Crystal Kirch is passionate about transforming teaching and learning with technology. She flipped her high school math class for three years, blogging her journey at flippingwithkirch.blogspot.com. She released her first book in 2016, "Flipping with Kirch: The Ups and Downs from Inside my Flipped Classroom", which you can purchase at bit.ly/FWKirch.
Her current role is a Digital Learning Coach, where she works with teachers to find ways to integrate technology to create a more effective, engaging, and efficient learning environment.

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Friday, November 15


105: Creating Interesting Ways for Students to be Right AND Wrong Renaissance, CatalinaEli Luberoff 165: Rehumanizing Math with Culturally Responsive Math Teaching Renaissance, Pueblo BLacy Knight • Susie Min 166: Another Look at Grading Practices and Increased Achievement Hilton, Oasis 3Michael Doll 143: Who Needs Rules? Teach Integer Operations with Card Games! PSCC, Mesquite GJana Jones 144: Seeing the Beauty of Mathematics through Rich Math Tasks PSCC, Smoke Tree FNancy Butler Wolf • Alexis Wolf 147: Context for Learning—Establishing the Why Within the Math Renaissance, VenturaJenise Sexton 151: Communication Strategies that Enhance All 7–12 Math Classes Hilton, TapestryRobert Gerver 153: MRWC: New 12th Grade Course for Understanding and Engagement PSCC, Mesquite FLilian Metlitzky • Wendy Marquez 154: From IDK to QED: Communicating in the Math Classroom PSCC, Mesquite HBarbara Montgomery • Sarah Stecher 155: From Passive to Active Math Class PSCC, Smoke Tree BSherrina Clark • Tonya Parham 156: Mathematical Modeling with Functions PSCC, Smoke Tree CJoanne Rossi Becker 183: Practice Coaching for Equity: Shifting Discourse Zoso, Palladium SouthNova Katz • Sara Goytia 104: Talk Number 2 Me: Mathematics & Mindfulness PSCC, Primrose BChristina Lincoln-Moore 172: Math Recess—a Call for Equity PSCC, Mesquite AChristopher Brownell 174: Rethinking & Reimagining the Mathematics Classroom PSCC, Primrose DEric Milou 177: Purposeful Questioning = access ownership and brilliance Hilton, Plaza BMardi Gale 102: Building Math Residue with Lessons that Stick PSCC, Oasis 3Graham Fletcher 132: Productive Struggle for All PSCC, Mesquite BMark Alcorn 182: Why Lesson Study? Because Silos Stifle Brilliant Teaching Hilton, Plaza CChase Orton 184: Getting Beyond Casual Coaching Encounters Zoso, Woodstock OneLori Fury




461: Give Your Students a Voice Hilton, Plaza DBarbara Gautreau 465: Secondary Number Talks (I'll convince you with ducks) Renaissance, CatalinaSara VanDerWerf 466: Math Language Routines: Building Discourse Communities Renaissance, Pueblo ACraig Schneider • Vanessa Cerrahoglu 469: The Craft of Co-Crafting: A Mathematical Language Routine Hilton, Plaza ADevin Rossiter 443: Building From Student Instincts Using Clothesline Math Renaissance, AndreasJennifer Moffett • Crystal Cammon 444: Leveraging Language in Mathematics to Open Minds & Hearts Renaissance, Santa RosaCecilio Dimas 445: Building Concrete Visual Patterns... One Block at a Time! Renaissance, SierraNova Katz • Suzie Craig 447: Promoting Discourse in Middle School Hilton, Palm CanyonConnie Horgan • Gloria Weinberg 448: Don't Track Your Math Classes ... "Level" Them Instead! Hilton, Plaza BKathleen Jalalpour 456: Married At First Sight: Learning to Love Co-teaching PSCC, Mesquite HSesha Haynes • Kenneth Toms 482: Empowering School Leaders to Enact Instructional Change Hilton, Plaza CAndrew Jenkins 404: Students’ Brilliance: Focusing on Math Identity and Agency Renaissance, PasadenaKaren Mayfield-Ingram 472: Incorporating Equity into the Lesson Study Process PSCC, Primrose CSusie Hakansson 473: The Concepts-Procedures-Application Unit Progression Renaissance, Mojave Lrng CtrChris Shore 415: Empowering Students Through Number Talks PSCC, Smoke Tree CGordon Smoire 432: Models of Multiplication PSCC, Mesquite ALinda West
Saturday, November 16