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Sophia Stier

LilMathGirl (Disrupted Domain)
Creator, Content Director, Interaction Math Specialist
Pennsylvania, USA
Hi, I’m Sophia Stier, founder of LilMathGirl. I work with a team of mathematicians, artists, and social scientists, as an Interaction Math Specialist. I teach students, and parents, the skills to approach math positively. Through play, games, and hands on methods, I take common core, and explore how it fits in common life. Guiding: approach, strategy, reason, model, argument, conjecture, tools, sense, fluency, precision. Students and parents learn to have fun, challenge themselves, question, and to try again. Math is a life skill, a language, a science, an art. It is man made, and can be found everywhere. Anything can be represented using math. We dare educators and parents to take math out of the textbook, throw it on the floor, or in the air, spread it out so students can see what’s happening. Then everyone dive in and play.

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